George Bugatti

Every  Song  in  this  90-­‐minute  musical  event  has  been  taken  directly  from  the Billboard  Charts!   

Most  of  them  hit  number  one  on  the  charts.  That  means  if  you  were  young  in the 60’s  70’s  or  80’s…There  is  not  a  song  in  this  show  you  won’t  know!    


On  The  Main  Center  Screen-­‐  Fun  and  factoid  trivia  coordinated  with  each  song  performed.  Much  like  VH  1’s  Pop-­‐Up  videos.    Fun  facts  Pop-­‐Up  inside  colored  balls  accompanied  by  photos  and  or  footage  of  the  singer  who  originally  performed  the  song.  

The  other  two  screens  (left  and  right)  will  have  the  lyrics  projected  with  colored  bouncing  balls  keeping  up  with  the  lyrics  so  that  the  audience  can  sing  along  and  be  a  part  of  the  action.  

This chartbusting Revival is filled with the Biggest and Best

Top-40 Radio Hits from the 60’s through the 80’s.

The music that gave the decades their unforgettable soundtrack with the sounds of…

The Temptations, The Righteous Brothers, Elton John, Benny E. King, Billy Joel,

Earth Wind and Fire, The Bee Gees, Dion, The Four Seasons, The Drifters…

And many others!


The '60s to '90s were TV themes' heyday.

Today, they are pure nostalgia!

Countless catchy TV themes have become synonymous with beloved shows

over more than a half-century, but a select have gone on to become… Billboard chartbusters!

In honor of those rare TV Theme Songs that proved so likable, this show includes many favorites you know by heart, for you to sing along with and reminisce about, all over again.

I'll Be There For You- "Friends"

Believe It Or Not- "The Greatest American Hero"

Theme from- "The Love Boat"

Those Were The Days- “All in the Family”

Where Everybody Knows Your Name- "Cheers"

As Long As We've Got Each Other- "Growing Pains"

Batman Theme – “Batman”